Best Practices For Taking Supplements

Taking supplements should not be uncomfortable or feel like a chore. Follow these tips and you should be a supplement-taking champion in no time! 

Take your supplements with your meals. Unless instructed to do differently, you should take your supplements multiple times a day with meals, instead of taking them once a day. Remember, you are supplementing your meals. So if you eat three times a day, you should be taking your supplements three times a day as well.
Do not miss any doses. Taking supplements consistently will lead to better and quicker results in your journey to improved health.
Try taking your supplements with a thick drink like a protein shake. The thickness of the drink can help ease a sensitive gag reflex. Many people who could formerly never swallow pills find that this is a superb way to get supplements down the hatch with minimal tension.
Let capsules float, then swallow. If all you have on hand is a watery liquid, not a thick shake, try “floating” capsules. Because capsules float, you can put them in your mouth and then take a big gulp of water, but don’t swallow yet! Tip your chin down (not up, like you might normally do) so that the capsule floats to the back of your mouth. Then, swallow the supplements with a gulp of water.
Place tablets toward the back of your throat.  Again, if all you have is a watery liquid, try the following solution. However, because tablets are typically heavier than water and don’t float, put the tablet in the back of your mouth and take a big gulp of water, then tip your chin up to swallow. 

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