Have you recently heard about the strange muscle testing technique know as Nutrition Response Testing™ or are you a current Nutrition Response Testing patient who’s wondering how this miraculous healing system came about?

​In this article, you’ll read about Dr. Freddie Ulan and how Nutrition Response Testing was developed. As we trace Dr. Ulan’s path through the development of Nutrition Response Testing, you should be able to see yourself on the same path behind him. He forged a way to wellness through a jungle of declining food value and increasing environmental toxins. Then he made his way through a maze of nutrition approaches, and we now enjoy the opportunity to walk the path behind him and reach our health goals quicker and more easily because of what he did. We’ll show you how and why Nutrition Response Testing is unique and effective.

Context and history put a pin in the map and help us get our bearings. It’s like saying, “You are here.”  We can see how we got here, and most likely, we’ll see the path forward, and maybe even feel some hope. And who doesn’t like a little hope?

Who is Dr. Freddie Ulan?

Dr. Freddie Ulan is the founder of Nutrition Response Testing and Ulan Nutritional Systems™. He was born into a family that practiced chiropractic medicine. He remembers his first chiropractic adjustment in 1946 at the age of four. As he grew, he had no need for medicine because chiropractic care kept his nervous system functioning correctly.

The simple idea of chiropractic care is based on the fact that the nervous system controls every system in the body. The brain sends nerve signals throughout the body and the body communicates back to the brain in a feedback loop that enables the body to repair itself where the pathways are open.

If there is a pinched nerve or something else blocking a nerve or energy pathway, communication and connection are slowed or stopped, function may be hampered, and symptoms will be the result. Opening the pathway reopens communication, and the cells, tissues, and organs can begin to work. It’s a very simple idea that works beautifully and was demonstrated as valid by miraculous recoveries throughout the early part of the 20th century.

Why are some natural treatments no longer effective?

By the 1950’s, though, things began to change, and chiropractors started to see people who could no longer hold an adjustment. It became necessary for patients to come in for a series of adjustments rather than one quick adjustment that held and brought healing. Something new was beginning to happen.

Dr. Freddie Ulan graduated chiropractic school in 1965, and all went well until the 80’s. In 1986 he became extremely ill and spent the next five years fighting for his life. He was bedridden, only able to get out of bed for about an hour each day. He tried everything medicine had to offer, but his body wasn’t healing.

How important is nutrition?

Finally, he went to a hospital in Mexico where the treatment relied heavily on nutrition grown on site in an organic garden. After just three days of getting this nutritional therapy, he was able to get up out of bed for several hours a day, and he improved enough to return home within weeks.

After this experience, he knew he had to research every approach of nutritional therapy, and he began to systematically test the results he got. At the same time, he became aware of Dr. George Goodheart’s research in applied kinesiology and started working with some skilled practitioners. They searched for a source of organically produced food supplements that were also processed correctly so that they were not denatured in supplement form. Standard Process supplements and Dr. Royal Lee’s work fit the bill.

What is keeping you from healing?

As he and his group kept perfecting their nutritional approach, they began to see that there were five other new factors that were blocking healing for people with health challenges. They are:

  1. Food Sensitivities
  2. Immune Challenges
  3. Chemicals
  4. Heavy Metals
  5. Scars

They found that if they identified and eliminated the stressors on the body, the body would heal, just as it had done with early chiropractic care and blocks to the pathways of the nervous system.

Food Sensitivities

The food supply was changing fast in the mid 20th century. It was causing malnutrition that wasn’t recognized then and is still not recognized commonly today.

In the decades between the 20’s and 50’s the world food manufacturing base went from local farms to mass produced food products that had a long shelf life. Supermarkets grew to massive stores lined with boxes of factory-made items with food additives that were now necessary. New oils, preservatives, food coloring, and many other things were added to keep food looking, smelling, and tasting fresh, even when it wasn’t. Food was mass produced with high heat and chemical treatments that didn’t exist before that time. The nutritional value of the food we were eating declined rapidly.

Dr. Freddie Ulan refers to food as “replacement parts.” When we eat, we are supplying our bodies with the building blocks for repair as we go. Without a safe and healthy food supply, our bodies can’t rebuild and restore. We get progressively weaker and less healthy.

Immune Challenges

The miraculous advent of antibiotics, while it has saved lives, has also created super bugs like MRSA and others. Bacteria have been fighting to survive in this new ecosystem, and they’ve developed workarounds that have affected mankind.

In addition, we are weakened for the fight as we eat foods laced with antibiotics, hormones, and toxins. As the bugs are strengthened by these various challenges, we get weaker. It’s a perfect storm for an immune challenge. Could that be why we see such a quick rise in autoimmune conditions now?

Chemical Toxins

In the mid 20th century, agriculture was also experiencing major changes with crops and animals that were designed to grow more, bigger, stronger specimens with shorter life spans so they can bloom faster or mature within weeks and go to slaughter.

Many of the toxins that have been introduced into the food supply and environment are nerve toxins that affect the brain and nervous system.

Heavy Metals

Mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, and other metals are all pervasive in our personal care products, medicines, and even in the air that we breathe. Amalgam fillings can be a source of mercury, aluminum can come from pots and deodorant, arsenic is used as an antibacterial in chicken feed and rice, and even our air can contain pretty high levels of metals.

Heavy metals are closely related to minerals that our bodies use for replacement parts. For example, mercury tends to sit in the receptor sites where magnesium should be within our cells. Heavy metals tend to get taken into our tissues and cells and then become blocking factors for normal nutrition and must be detoxed in order to open that pathway where magnesium and other minerals are circulated and used.


​Dr. Freddie Ulan also found scars can be a blocking factor for the nervous system. Nerve fibers are concentrated in the surface of the skin throughout the body. Any scar or tissue damage on the skin can become an area that causes the nerve messages to get blocked or to misfire.

What makes Nutrition Response Testing different?

There are many methods of providing the body with the raw building materials to regenerate and keep channels of healing open. Without muscle testing, trial and error rules the direction. You might know what the problem is through lab testing. You may have identified a deficiency of magnesium, for example. Is that your body’s first priority at this time, though? Perhaps there is an immune challenge that would take precedence.

You may identify a thyroid issue, a liver issue, and an adrenal issue through lab testing. In traditional practice, you would treat all three areas simultaneously with a ridiculously long list of supplements and a lot of guesswork about which foods to eliminate.  With muscle testing, however, you will know what your body’s first priority is. You will know which organs or systems need attention, but there is no need to confuse the body or tax it’s resources by too much stimulation and too many directions. Muscle testing “shortens the runway” to health!

The most unique and powerful thing about Nutrition Response Testing is the ability to tap into the resources of the autonomic nervous system to find the answer. Through muscle testing, stressors can be identified quickly and easily, adjustments to a protocol can be made easily as the body begins the healing process. Rather than staying on a protocol for 90 days, you can track with the changes as they happen and adjust dosage or supplement at every visit. In other words, you can always be giving the body exactly what it is asking for at that time.

You can know which stressor the body is prioritizing and avoid burdening the body with more than one job at a time. The body sends its healing energy to one priority at a time and if you over ride that priority it slows the healing process down. With Nutrition Response Testing, you can eliminate that problem and work with the body as it moves through the areas where it wants to concentrate its work.

Dr. Freddie Ulan found himself getting slowly buried in health challenges and he found it more and more difficult to find the healing and restoration he had enjoyed for most of his life before the 1980’s.

Do you feel caught in a slow downward spiral? Do you know that you need to find a way to unravel the tangled web of challenges you’ve faced? Come join us for one of our free workshops and find out if Nutrition Response Testing can help you!

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