Woman on couch with a cold
Woman on couch with a cold

There has been a lot of anxiety about the coronavirus these days. Have you been worried about this highly contagious virus? Do you want to do everything possible to prevent catching the flu this year? Here are Dr. Shelly Seidenberg’s top immune boosting tips that will support your immune system and help to prevent you from becoming a statistic.

1. Reduce your sugar consumption to improve your immune system.

It may not be the most exciting thing to hear, but it’s still very important! In order to digest refined carbohydrates such as white sugar, your body is put under unnecessary stress ultimately reducing your immune system’s ability to ward off foreign invaders.

If you’re a sugar addict and this seems impossible for you to do, reach out to the staff at Natural Health Practices! Seriously, don’t be shy. All of the practitioners at Natural Health Practices were sugar addicts at one point too and we know how hard it is to kick the habit. That’s why we are armed and ready to help you with tips and tricks to get you off sugar quickly.

2. Take supplements for your immune system!

Taking a vitamin C supplement is not going to cut it this time. The corona virus, as are many other viruses fight a tough fight. That is why it is vitally important to fill in all your nutritional gaps. There are many vitamins and minerals that are even more important than vitamin C for immune system health, such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A. These two vitamins are fat soluble vitamins and act similar to hormones in your body. Without Vitamins D and A, your immune system wont stand a chance against the flu.

If you live in the Port Orange or Daytona Beach areas,  you can stop by the Natural Health Practices office (click here for a map of our location) and pick up a Cold & Flu Kit. The kit includes four of the most hardcore immune boosting supplements available without a prescription. The kit also includes one of the best herbal throat spays you’ll ever use!

We can’t keep these products on the shelf because so many of our current patients are taking prevention seriously. If you want us to put a kit aside for you, let us know ASAP!

3. Sweat it out in a sauna to boost your immune system.

Have you ever wondered why you develop a fever when your body is trying to fight something off? Your body is smart. Many viruses and bacterias can’t survive at higher temperatures. Our Sunlighten mPulse infrared saunas are by far the best infrared saunas ever designed. A sauna session mimics a fever and helps your body handle immune system challenges like a champ.

Seriously, we’ve seen patient after patient walk into the sauna feeling like crap and come out 45 minutes later feeling as good as new. Don’t believe us? If you’ve never tried a sauna session at Natural Health Practices, for a limited time you’re invited to try your first session for free to see for yourself!

Chop, chop! Don’t wait to implement these 3 immune boosting recommendations!

Although there are many ways to support your immune system, these are Dr. Shelly Seidenberg’s top 3 immune boosting tips to help keep you cold and flu free this season.

Dr. Shelly and the Natural Health Practices team practice what they preach and want the best for everyone in the Volusia County area! So, please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to take us up on the above recommendations.


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