Post-COVID Syndrome: What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

If you’re wondering whether COVID has permanently affected your health, you’re not the only one with that question!

More and more people who had COVID and are no longer testing positive are still experiencing health effects from the virus. Even people who had a mild case of COVID, are still experiencing longterm negative symptoms.

This phenomenon has been termed “COVID Long-Hauler Syndrome” or “Post-COVID Syndrome.”


Post-COVID syndrome (PCS) can present in many different ways. Some of the common symptoms include:

✅ Extreme Fatigue
✅ Trouble Breathing (even if you didn’t experience respiratory effects when you had COVID)
✅ Muscle Pain and Weakness
✅ Extreme Digestive Issues
✅ Memory Loss
✅ Sleep Disturbance
✅ Body Temperature Imbalances

Mainstream medicine has done a poor job offering solutions for people who are suffering from the COVID after-effects. Fortunately, natural healthcare is to the rescue!

The team at Natural Health Practices has been helping people with many types of frustrating health problems for years, even before COVID was on the radar. So, we have the experience to help you through your post-COVID symptoms too.


The Natural Health Practices team of practitioners have been helping people with many types of frustrating health problems, even before COVID was on the radar. So, we’ve got the experience to help you through your post-COVID symptoms too.

When you visit us, you’ll receive a comprehensive health evaluation where the practitioner will determine why your body isn’t healing and which systems needs further support.

After the examination, the practitioner will build a customized treatment plan, which will support the detoxification pathways and handle any nutritional deficiencies. Treatment plans are designed for both in-person or virtual patients and normally include weekly sessions with the practitioner to assess your improvement and fine-tune your treatment plan. 

For local patients who are able to visit Natural Health Practices in person, treatment plans may include a combination of the following therapies:

The Natural Health Practices chiropractic physicians focus on the cause of your symptoms. Chiropractors help to restore the damage COVID caused to your body by assisting your body in detoxification, accelerating the healing process by improve microcirculation, booting the immune system, and decrease musculoskeletal pain by improving range of motion.

The Natural Health Practices chiropractors have extensive training in modalities beyond chiropractic, such as clinical nutrition, physical fitness, and rehabilitation and have had great success helping patients with a range of health problems.

The Natural Health Practices nutritionists have extensive training in clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing, detox techniques, and homeopathy.

Our nutritionists help patients implement a diet that supports the body’s natural repair process. They also work to identify food sensitivities, allergies, or toxicities that may be stalling recovery.

The Natural Health Practices licensed massage therapists (LMTs) work with our PCS patients to loosen muscles, improve circulation, restore movement, eliminate pain, and reduce stress. Additionally, many of our PCS patients find working with a LMT helps them to breath better since their muscles and joints surrounding the lungs and rib cage are moving better.

There are many pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices on the market, however the Natural Health Practices’ PEMF device is the best-of-the-best! In fact, we use the same PEMF equipment used by NASA to recondition their astronauts.

The use of PEMF therapy can be a huge benefit to those suffering from PCS because it accelerates the healing of COVID-damaged tissues. PEMF can also boost immunity by improving the oxygenation of the cells, improve microcirculation, enhance the effects of other therapies, and reduce hypoxia-induced cellular death.

The infrared saunas used at Natural Health Practices are not the same as typical conventional saunas seen at your local gym or spa. Our saunas use the most state-of-the-art technology available and are considered to be true “healing boxes.”

Infrared saunas help to improve cardiovascular health, accelerate detoxification, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. Infrared sauna sessions are powerful, yet safe enough to use on a daily basis. 

The Natural Health Practices low-level light lasers (aka cold light lasers) are FDA approved for many health conditions. Laser therapy with cold light lasers are a pain-free healing modality. Regular laser therapy is a great adjunct to other treatment modalities because it accelerates the rate of cellular repair.

The Natural Health Practices ionic detoxification devices work by opening the natural detox pathways of the body, regenerating damaged tissues, improving circulation, boosting immunity, and noticeably increasing energy levels. These sessions can be repeated daily, weekly, or monthly to improve the body’s innate healing abilities.


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