Prescription Medications

Every year in the United States 783,936 people die due to medical mistakes. And every day, 290 people are killed by their prescribed medications.

For example, a study published in the British Medical Journal indicated that adults using sleeping pills (including Restoril, Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, and some antihistamines such as Benadryl) had a 3 fold increased risk for early death and a 35% increased risk for developing cancer. Taking 1-2 sleeping pills per month had a 360% increase in these risks and taking just 1 pill every 3 nights had a 530% increase in these risks.

Let’s talk about Ritalin. Ritalin is a class 2 narcotic 3 times more powerful than cocaine, but it is 100% legal to prescribe to a 5 year old. Enough said…

How about statin drugs such as Lipitor? When statin drugs for high cholesterol were first introduced, normal cholesterol levels were 290. Today, 200 is considered normal. What’s interesting is that since the introduction of statins, liver transplants went up 30% and heart disease is still a leading killer. Hmm..

Not only can prescription medications be deadly, but they are incredibly expensive too. For example, it costs .11 cents to make a bottle of 100 tablets of Prozac, one of the most commonly used medications for depression. However, the consumer cost of that bottle is $790.11. That is a 224,973% markup. How about Xanax, one of the most popular anti-anxiety medications? It costs .24 cents to make a bottle of 100 tablets and the consumer cost is $355.77. That is a 569,958% markup! These markup percentages exist only because of government regulations disguised as consumer protection. Markups this outrageous would never survive a free-market.

With the side effect of death and the potential to break your bank, be sure to make informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications. 

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