Prescription Medications

Did you you know that every year in our country, over 800,000 people die because of medical mistakes? And every day, over 300 people die because of prescription medications.

There are many medications that can be life-saving, but many of them are prescribed for people for things that could be handled nutritionally. Or they’re prescribed to people at the wrong dose for the wrong amount of time. 

Medications Can Be Dangerous

There was a study published in the British Medical Journal, which indicated that adults who use sleeping pills had a three-fold increase in their risk for early death and a 35% increased risk for cancer.

Or how about Ritalin? Ritalin is a class 2 narcotic 3 times more powerful than cocaine! But it’s one hundred percent legal to prescribe to a 5-year-old. Just think about that for a minute. And, how about the statin drug known as Lipitor?When it was first introduced, the normal level for total cholesterol was over 290, but now a normal cholesterol reading is 200 or below. Furthermore, since statin drugs were introduced liver transplants have actually gone up by 30 percent and heart disease is still a leading cause of death.

Medications Are Expensive

Not only can prescription medications be deadly or cause severe health problems, but they’re also incredibly expensive. For example. it only costs 11 cents to make a bottle of 100 tablets of Prozac, which is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for depression. However, if insurance doesn’t cover that bottle for the patient, it can cost upwards of $750 to get that 100 tablet bottle filled. That’s a 224,000% markup.

How about Xanax, a medication that’s commonly prescribed for anxiety. It only cost 24 cents to make a bottle of 100 tablets. What’s the consumer cost? Without insurance, it can be $355. That’s over a 500,000% markup

Why do these outrageous markups even exist? They exist because there are government regulations disguised as consumer protection, which allow pharmaceutical companies to charge these outrageous amounts. So, not only can certain medications cause death, but they also have financial consequences when taken for long periods of time. 

Remember, a pharmaceutical company is a business and it needs to be profitable and it can be very expensive to develop prescription medications. However, if there was actually a free market and we didn’t have health insurance, very few of us would actually pay that type of money to get our prescriptions filled. What would happen then? We’d be forced to try a more natural route. 

How We Help Our Patients

We recently had a patient come to us who was experiencing chronic migraines. She was incredibly frustrated. She had just gone to a neurologist who prescribed her a medication that he said “might” help her. So, she went to the pharmacy to fill this prescription and the pharmacist told her that her one month prescription would cost her $800. Needless to say, she started looking for alternative options. She ended up at Natural Health Practices and within 2 weeks of fixing up her diet and helping her with different healthier lifestyle habits, she was migraine-free!

How We Can Help You

If you have chronic health conditions and you are fed up with spending a lot of money on medications or you just don’t want to take your medications anymore, then reach out to us. We can help you! Although we can’t take you off your prescription medications, what we have found is that once we help you to improve your health, chances are, when you go back to your medical doctor, you won’t need your prescription medications anymore.

What would happen if you took an entire bottle of a certain medication… all at once? You’d probably die or end up in the emergency room, right? But, what happens to your body if you take one dose everyday for 10 years? What do you think that’s doing to your body? You might not drop dead immediately, but there are longterm side effects of these medications. In fact, if you go to your pharmacist and you ask for the list of side effects of the medications you’re prescribed, it might blow your mind.

We know this information can be upsetting, but we wanted you to be able to make an informed decision about the prescription medications that you take. And just know, there are natural options available, which are actually less expensive than getting another prescription filled.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with health problems and have been prescribed medications, know that there is a natural way of restoring their health!

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