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If you’ve been experiencing neck pain, back pain, headaches or other discomfort in your body you might have considered making an appointment with a chiropractor to get some relief. The thought of being adjusted may seem scary, but in reality it may be the most effective and pleasant pain-relief method. Find out what to expect during your first chiropractic adjustment.


During your first appointment, your doctor will have you fill out paperwork that will ask you about your symptoms and your medical history. Many places will have new patient forms on their website. This is so you can either print out the forms or answer the questions online before you get to your first appointment. This can be helpful so you don’t feel rushed in the office and can take your time answering the questions.

Take this opportunity to let your doctor know if you have had any past injuries or any medical conditions and if you are on any medications. Also, be sure to discuss your lifestyle habits such as drugs or alcohol use and how much you exercise, sleep, what your eating habits are like, any stress, and how your sleep is.


Once your chiropractor has taken a look at your medical history, they will discuss with you what your reason for the visit is. Be sure to discuss where your pain or discomfort is, how long you have had the pain and if you know how it started. This will help your doctor treat the issue and know where the pain is in your neck or back.

Next, they will do a physical examination. Your chiropractor will feel your spine, move all your joints and watch how you walk. They will test your reflexes, muscle strength and see the range of motion you have in your arms and legs. They may also request some X-rays or have your blood pressure checked.


Getting a chiropractic adjustment helps restore the mobility of your joints by applying a controlled amount of force to the joint that has become restricted due to an injury to your tissue.

You may have gotten this injury during a single event such as lifting something heavy. Or you may have gotten the injury through repetitive action, for instance, sitting in your desk chair for extended periods of time. Either of these types of injuries can cause inflammation and pain and lead to having limited mobility and function. The adjustment will help restore the mobility of the joint, which will reduce your pain and allow your body to heal from the injury.

Chiropractic care can also be beneficial for other issues you are experiencing like migraines and headaches, carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder pain.

You may be wondering what to expect during your first adjustment. During the adjustment, you will lay on a chiropractic table that is designed to facilitate the procedure. You may need a correction to the alignment of your pelvis so your doctor will elevate a portion of the table under your hips. By elevating your hips it will help that portion of the adjustment.

While the doctor is adjusting your spine, it’s normal to hear some cracking or popping. This is the sound of your spine moving and gasses that are built up being released. You may also hear the table move and make noises depending on what technique the chiropractor is using at the time. These noises are nothing to be worried about and are all normal for this type of treatment.

Your chiropractor may also use some specialized equipment to assist in correcting your spinal alignment. They may also use heat, percussor therapy, or laser therapy to loosen up tight areas.


After your chiropractor has adjusted you, you may feel some soreness in the areas that were treated. Your chiropractor may also discuss some exercises that you can perform at home to aid in your recovery and keep your joints and muscles loose. Your doctor might also suggest making some improvements to your posture that will help maintain the changes the adjustment made to your spinal alignment.

Your chiropractor is also capable of providing you with advice on diet and nutrition. For example, certain foods may cause inflammation to your joints and your chiropractor may recommend avoiding those foods. Also, if you’re over your ideal weight, you may be putting additional stress on your joints and your chiropractor may recommend a specific diet to help you lose the extra pounds. Your chiropractor may also recommend dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and herbal remedies that can accelerate your healing.

Your doctor will likely recommend that you come back for follow up visits. These visits will include additional adjustments and related treatments.

Follow up visits do not usually take as long as your first initial visit. Visiting your chiropractor a few times each week may seem like a hassle, but the visits should only take up a small portion of your day and help to improve your health for years to come.


Scheduling your first chiropractic adjustment is a huge step in the right direction. Proper spinal movement is not only important for avoiding pain and discomfort, but it’s also necessary for properly functioning nervous system. Since your nervous system controls every function in your body, you can see why chiropractic adjustments can have such a huge impact on your overall health.

Chiropractic care is not just for those who have suffered an injury. Visiting a chiropractor regularly is a safe and effective way to support an optimal level of health.

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