Is steady-state cardio hindering your weight loss efforts? Minute-for-minute, you might burn more calories on a piece of cardio equipment than you would lifting weights,

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Prescription Medications

Every year in the United States 783,936 people die due to medical mistakes. And every day, 290 people are killed by their prescribed medications. For

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All About Allergies

Allergies are a nuisance to people all over the world. For example, about 10% of the world’s population suffers from food allergies alone. In our

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American Heart Month

February is American heart month. However, we believe that awareness of heart health is important all 12 months of the year! The first American Heart

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Secrets To Great Health

1. Eat real food! Stay away from high sugar foods and any food you’re sensitive to. Is sugar ruining your health? Take our sugar quiz

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is a licensed chiropractic physician, an advanced clinical Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner,  a certified personal trainer, and the founder of Natural Health Practices Inc.

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