Our bodies are our homes for the next few decades. Doesn’t it make sense to take care of your home? While it’s wonderful to have doctors and modern medicine to help treat our ailments, the best preventative care can keep you from having to go to the doctor in the first place. With proper nutrition, chiropractic care, and massage therapy, you can keep your body in great physical condition for decades to come.

At Natural Health Practices, we pride ourselves on helping Holly Hill residents like yourself maintain a healthy, balanced and stress free lifestyle. Below are a few of our core holistic services we offer in Holly Hill.


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Chiropractic care attempts to eliminate pain at its source, instead of using medicine to hide the pain. Did you know, for instance, that when you take Tylenol for a headache you are not treating the headache? The medicine merely blocks the pain receptors, convincing your body that the pain is not there, even though it still remains. Chiropractic practice operates on the basis that malfunctions in your joints can affect your nervous system in a negative manner. When these joints are corrected, the pain is relieved naturally.

Many people imagine the cracking of bones when they hear “chiropractor.” This is not actually what happens. When the joints are adjusted, your muscles are allowed to stretch back out, eliminating spasms and allowing for greater mobility. It also promotes increased and efficient blood flow. Going in for regular visits helps your body to stay in alignment and adjustments will not be as major. By taking care of your joints on a regular basis, you will feel better daily. It will take some time, at first, to begin to feel normal. In fact, your body will attempt to adjust itself back to being misaligned, since it is used to being positioned that way. After a few visits, however, the change will be noticeably better.


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Massage therapy is a great way to relax your muscles, clear your mind, and feel refreshed. There are a variety of different massages designed to help your body in different ways. Regular massage therapy is an essential part of natural health. Our bodies undergo a lot of stress, and this stress needs to be relieved. Therapeutic massage helps to bring you back to your natural center.

One type of massage is called “Swedish massage.” This technique use light to medium touch to improve blood flow throughout the body. Swedish massage is a great stress reliever, but it also helps with pain reduction. This form of massage is very relaxing. Sometimes, Swedish massage takes the form of “Swe-Thai”, which combines this classic massage with Thai-style. Thai-style is assisted yoga in the form of massage. This helps with joint mobility. It is also combined with acupressure to promote energy flow.

Expecting? Prenatal and pregnancy massage are wonderful options for relieving the stress of carrying your precious child for nine months. Massage therapy is safe throughout all trimesters, as well as before and after pregnancy. Regular massage assists in maintaining a positive emotional state for the mother, as well as relieving the physical pressure.


  • - An Extraordinary Nutrition Program, The Best Natural Solutions to Support Your Ability to Heal
  • - No drugs, No Surgery, Completely Holistic Local Alternative Medicine
  • - Affordable Health Care That Will Change The Way You Live
  • - Feel Younger, Healthier, Vibrant, and Better Than You Have Ever Felt Before
  • - Better Skin, Hair, Nails, Teeth, And Bones
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Our nutrition practitioners can help you analyze your diet to see if you are lacking in any key nutrients, vitamins, etc. Sometimes, a chronic health condition can be alleviated by the start of proper nutrition practices. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive process in which nutritional needs can be determined. A professional will test your reflexes for stress and develop a nutritional plan based on your results. This machine-free testing method provides accurate results. Once the testing is completed, your nutrition professional will be able to craft a nutrition regimen to follow on your journey to better health.

A key factor in proper nutrition is the use of whole foods – foods that have undergone little to no processing grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These natural foods are imperative to good health. Whole food supplements contain essential nutrients found in whole foods. While eating a better diet will be helpful, other environmental factors still affect what we eat in ways that were not a concern before industrialized society. For example, toxins exist in the ground and water that were not present before. By following the clinical regimen prescribed to you, you will be able to overcome chronic health issues related to toxins and a poor diet.




Don’t let adverse medical conditions or muscle pain keep you from enjoying the best Daytona Beach has to offer. Call us today, and let our caring and expert staff begin your journey to a natural recovery.