South Daytona is a quiet haven for those of us looking to exist within the peaceful quiet of nature. Calm. Relaxed. The perfect small-town feel. Residents of South Daytona, FL have learned to revel in the quiet majesty of nature, taking care of the mind and soul — isn’t it time we learned to take care of our health, as well?

Here at Natural Health Practices, we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthy life, the natural way. Our three main services — Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Designed Clinical Nutrition — are intended to benefit your musculoskeletal and nutritional needs.


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Let’s proceed with Hippocrates idea: chiropractic care. As we’ve found out in more information throughout the years, your spine guards the core of your nervous system – the information highway of your body. Your nerves inform you when you are in discomfort and relay messages from your brain to the rest of your body. So, exactly what takes place when that information highway becomes jammed due to a spinal misalignment? Organ dysfunction. Discomfort. Similar to what Hippocrates mentioned.
Chiropractic specialists make modifications along your spinal column and extremities to eliminate the pressure on your nerve system and target the source of your health concerns. Instead of dealing with or masking signs, our certified specialists help you heal from the root of your problem. This non-invasive procedure has actually been recorded for many years and the chiropractic adjustment has been proven clinically over and over again.
Chiropractic changes promote sensory nerve receptors to obstruct discomfort and stabilize transmissions. This can alleviate Headaches, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Wrist Pain, Finger and Hand Pain, Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, and Ankle and Foot Pain. Modifications likewise extend the surrounding muscles to ease spasms and adhesions bringing back movement and joint stability. The natural recovery process of your body is improved by getting regular adjustments because the chiropractic adjustment increases lymph and blood circulation throughout your whole body!


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Massage therapy benefits mind and body alike. Massage therapy treatment at Natural Health Practices occurs in calm, spa-like, relaxing rooms. Clients are treated by a licensed massage therapists depending on their specific health goals and needs. Our massage therapists are highly trained in several styles of massage, such as Deep Tissue Massage, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal and Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Swe-Thai, Thai on the Table, and Reflexology. Our massage therapists are trained to help clients discover what massage technique is right for them. 

Certain styles such as Prenatal and Pregnancy Massage are self explanatory and benefit pregnancy women. Other techniques require more explanation. That is why our caring and knowledgeable staff are prepared to walk you through each option, discussing the style, how it works, what it does, and whether or not it is right for you. Our experts will help you choose a massage technique that perfectly meets your needs.

While the above styles are all full-body massages given on comfortable massage tables, many of our clients choose to schedule a chair massage for a shorter time period. You will remain clothed during a chair massage and generally your massage will last 5 to 20 minutes.


  • - An Extraordinary Nutrition Program, The Best Natural Solutions to Support Your Ability to Heal
  • - No drugs, No Surgery, Completely Holistic Local Alternative Medicine
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Our nutrition practitioners are trained to help patients analyze what they are eating to see if any key nutrients, vitamins, etc. are missing from their diet. Sometimes, a chronic health condition can be alleviated by the start of proper nutrition practices. We use a technique called Nutrition Response Testing. It is a non-invasive process in which nutritional needs can be determined. A nutrition clinician will test your body’s reflexes for stress and develop a nutritional program based on your results. This testing method is extremely accurate. Once the testing is completed, your nutrition professional will design an individualized program for you to follow.

Our programs work very well because we use whole food supplements. These supplements are from foods that have undergone little to no processing grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and then made into a pill that is easily swallowed. These natural foods are imperative to good health and whole food supplements are made from these essential nutrients found in whole foods. While eating healthier is important, it is not always possible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from food alone. That is why we need supplements. By following one of our nutrition programs, you will have an incredible good chance of recovery from your chronic health issues related to toxins and a poor diet.




Don’t let adverse medical conditions or muscle pain keep you from enjoying the best Daytona Beach has to offer. Call us today, and let our caring and expert staff begin your journey to a natural recovery.