Natural Health Practices is Volusia County’s holistic health haven offering safe, natural, and effective solutions to many health problems. ​The team at Natural Health Practices believes in the body’s miraculous ability to heal without the use of drugs or surgeries.


We offer concierge natural healthcare services to patients interested in more personalized care. Perks to this type of healthcare include the ability to contact your physician at any time and to schedule same-day appointments. We take the time to get to know our patients and build relationships with them. We believe that the best hospitality should not be found at a Ritz Carlton, it should be found at your doctor’s office.


There is nothing more valuable than healthcare providers who consider your unique needs. We understand that every patient is unique and the “one-size-fits-all” approach to healing does not work. Therefore, every treatment plan is individually tailored to the unique needs of the patient and includes the necessary coaching and accountability required to successfully improve health.


We are committed to transforming lives naturally. We believe in the body’s miraculous ability to heal and transform into a stronger, healthier, more vibrant being without the use of drugs or surgeries. Striving for improved health is important because the status of your health trickles down to other areas of your life. Improving your health will also improve your relationships, your productivity at work, your outlook on life, and ultimately the world around you!​


Every single day, people walk into a doctor’s office or hospital and are given a diagnosis. Then, they are given a prescription chemical to force a biomechanical reaction in their body specific to their diagnosis. The injected, digested, inhaled, or absorbed drug will cause the patient to feel better, change their lab values, or both. Most patients may believe that they are better because the pain is gone or their “numbers” have now changed. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are well. Drugs cause a change, whether in symptoms or lab values, but they do not address the underlying cause of the problem.

Medications play an important and necessary role in emergency healthcare, but they are increasingly marketed and overused, causing deficits in finances and health around the world. Think of drugs as the fire department. They come with their hoses and axes to put out a fire, which is represented by symptoms of pain or inflammation. If they continue extinguishing fires in the same structure day after day, eventually the structure will collapse. What Dr. Seidenberg has to offer is the construction company, not the fire department. She uses whole food nutrition and chiropractic adjustments to rebuild bodies and restore proper function.

Chiropractic is the exact opposite of the man-made medical model with which we are all familiar. Chiropractic involves the use of touch and not the use of synthetic drugs or invasive surgeries. Natural healthcare involves educating people about true health and exposing many misconceptions about our current approach to disease management – what we sometimes mistakenly refer to as “healthcare.” These truths lead to liberating people from the bondage of our current system. Unfortunately, more and more chiropractors are considering a move away from the non-surgical, drug-free, neurologically-based premise of chiropractic. Dr. Seidenberg, however, continues to uphold a philosophy of practice closer to God’s idea of healthcare rather than the man-made idea of sick-care.