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You've Probably heard that


Who Start A Diet, Fail.

IT'S True.


Most Diets Are
Made To Fail

Most Diets Don't Offer Support

Most Diets Leave You Frustrated

You're probably thinking...



Well, let me share something with you that will help you get EXACTLY what you want.

I was just like you...
I wanted to change my body

The photo to the left was me in 2010. I think that Facebook post was the first I time I ever showed anyone that photo of me. I was 40 pounds heavier than I am right now. I was depressed, hopeless and ridiculously unhappy with the body I was living in.

The middle photo was taken in 2017. I had lost a lot of weight, but I was still tired and not happy happy with my overall health.

The photo on the right is when I finally figured out the key to eating healthy and losing weight. I started eating a whole food paleo-type diet and I finally broke-free from my health problems and weight struggles.

I'm Dr. Shelly Seidenberg

We may not have met before, so let me introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Shelly. I’m a chiropractor, a nutrition practitioner, and the owner of Natural Health Practices – a complete wellness center in Port Orange, Florida.

Over the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of people heal and transform their bodies through proper nutrition.

But guess what? There was a time when I struggled to manage my own health.

I Struggled To Get The Body I Wanted...

I was helping people get the bodies of their dreams, but I was struggling with getting the same results for myself.

It’s not that I didn’t know how to get results. I had the knowledge, but that wasn’t enough.

In fact, this is the very reason why 95% of people who start a diet, end up failing. It’s because they try to do it on their own.

Everyone needs accountability. No matter how much you know or how motivated you think you are. Everyone needs accountability.

When I finally realized this… I hired coaches of my own. I took the same advice that I offered my patients and I hired people to help me.

But Then I Figured Out What I Needed To Do...

The turning point in my dieting journey was when I decided to hire coaches to help me.

I still set my personal goals, but now I had coaches helping me and holding me accountable.

Without my coaches, I would have done what I always have done in the past… I would have given up and gone right back to where I started. 

I was tired of yo-yo dieting and hiring coaches was the best decision I could have made.

My coaches helped me design the perfect plan, so I could finally get the results I wanted.

You Need 3 Things To Get Results

Many people don’t get results from dieting because they lack the 3 keys to success...

A Coach

Professional athletes, actors and actresses, and business owners all need coaches to help them succeed.

The surest way to succeed in anything is to have a coach that knows how to help you get what you want.

That’s why we’ve made this part of the 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course.

A Plan

Everyone who accomplishes anything on a grand scale has a plan on how they’re going to succeed. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. 

That is why we’ve laid out a great plan for you to succeed in the 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course.


Winners attract supporters, but before they go big time they have a core group of supporters like their friends and family.

We know how good it is to have support from your peers.

That is why we’ve built in an entire support group for the 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course.

You Need

A Coach...

I am a nutrition coach and I have helped hundreds of people improve their diets and their overall health.

But I needed a coach of my own to get the results I wanted.

Why? Because having someone hold me accountable was one of the most important components of my personal success.

This is a photo of Megan Wagner. Megan is a certified nutritionist and one of my personal nutrition coaches. 

And guess what!? When you join our Paleo Mini-Course, Megan will be your personal nutrition coach too!

You Need

A Plan...

I knew that if I failed to plan, then I planned to fail.

So, I had my coaches create a plan for me. Then I followed that plan exactly as it was laid out.

When I ran into challenges, I would talk to my coaches about it immediately and we’d make any changes to the plan that we needed to.

But that’s not all I needed. There was one more thing…

You Need


I honestly would not have been able transform my body to this degree without the support of my friends, family, practitioners, and other people who were on the same journey as me.

My supporters made this all possible.

Without the support from others, I couldn’t have done it. 

I would have quit.

Our Paleo Program Includes
The 3 Keys To Success

1. Access To A Nutrition Coach

2. A Specific Plan To Follow

3. Group Support

What Exactly Is Paleo &

Why Is It The Best Diet?

Paleo is a diet and a lifestyle based on unprocessed whole-foods (the same foods our ancestors ate).

The Paleo Diet emphasizes food from farms and not from factories. Paleo strips away the newfangled ideas of what is good for us (artificial sweeteners, processed foods, a grain-based diet, etc).

Paleo can transform your health! It improves glucose tolerance, reduces cardiovascular risk factors, improves blood pressure and other health markers, as well as promotes weight loss. It can even reverse autoimmune and chronic conditions!

So... Is Our 21 Day Paleo Mini-Course Right For You?

It's Perfect For You!

Here's Why...

Boost Confidence

When you look better and feel better, your confidence will soar! Plus, when you realize that you’ve finally found a diet you can stick to, your self-confidence will get a huge boost! This means that Paleo actually has the ability to give you a more positive mindset and outlook on life!

Improve Gut Health

Paleo has been proven to be one of the best diets for improving gut health. You’ll notice that you wont get bloated after meals, you’ll go to the bathroom regularly, and indigestion and heart burn wont even be part of your vocabulary anymore.

Increase Energy

Eating Paleo will give you an abundant amount of energy because your feeding your body the proper fuel it needs. Plus, because you wont be as reliant on glucose for energy, you wont experience sugar swings and crashes.

Reduce Cravings

When your blood sugar levels are inconsistent, your body tries to correct the imbalance by urging you to consume more carbs. But the extra carbs make the sugar levels even more imbalanced. Paleo puts an stop to this never-ending cycle of carb loading and crashing and ultimately reduces your insatiable cravings for sugar and carbs.

Slow Aging

Yep, you read that right! When your diet consists of Paleo-friendly foods, you’re able to slow the aging process! Aging occurs when cells are damaged by different stressors, such as simple sugars, chemicals, etc. Since Paleo kicks those stressors to the curb, you’ll actually be able slow down cellular damage and ultimately the aging process.

Why Is Our Program Discounted?

I'm about to be totally vulnerable and transparent with you here, so hopefully you'll take a minute to read my answer...

I’m offering you my incredible program for as little as possible because I’m tired of seeing people with chronic illness go from specialist to specialist and not get any relief while spending thousands of dollars on drugs and surgeries that don’t work!

For years, I’ve offered nutrition services to patients in-person at my office. One day, a woman came to me for help. She was obese and had a laundry list of metabolic diseases that were ruining her life. After I gave her my recommendations, she informed me that she couldn’t afford any of the recommendations I made. She left my office without accepting my help and that killed me!

I knew that almost 100% of her health problems would have gone away if she followed my plan and started eating differently. I was distraught over this and I had to do something!!!

That was when I knew it was time to create a program that was easier and more affordable for people to commit to!

So, my team and I spent over a year developing The 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course, which has since proven to change the lives of so many people and for a fraction of the cost of our in-office nutrition programs.

I’m confident that our program can change your life too and I don’t want money to keep you from taking action today!

Thanks for reading this to the end! Continue on for details about what you’ll get when you sign up…


What You'll Get...

When you enroll in 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course, you’ll get...

Access to our private Facebook group

Direct access to my team

Access to group coaching calls with live Q&A

Access to course updates

​Tons of delicious and easy paleo recipes

A guide of paleo-friendly foods to eat

Ideas for swapping out your favorite foods for paleo options

​A guide to eating out

Answers to common questions about Paleo

Everything you need to stick to the paleo lifestyle beyond the 21 days

​Exclusive discounts only available to members

Plus... For A Limited-Time,
Get 3 Additional Bonuses!

Bonus 1

One-On-One Consultation With A Nutritionist

For a limited time, get answers to your personal questions in a FREE private consultation with our certified nutritionist, Megan Wagner.

​If you have any special needs during the first 21 days she's got your back!

Bonus 2

Paleo-Friendly Meal Plans For Your Specific Needs

For a limited time, you’ll get a customized meal plan. So, if you’re not creative in the kitchen, don’t worry! Our meal plans take the guess-work out of dieting completely.

Tried and true paleo meal plans in a beautiful downloadable format.

Bonus 3

Lifetime Access To The Facebook Group

For a limited time, receive lifetime access to our private Facebook group!

Never worry about losing our support group or paying extra to stay in touch with our team.

Backed By Our Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

It will definitely take some dedication, but when you stick to it, I am confident that you will see results! I’m willing to let you try out the program for a full 30 days risk-FREE! If you aren’t satisfied, contact me by email within 30 days and I will refund you 100%!

The 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course has helped thousands of individuals boost confidence and see amazing results…

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Who Will Enjoy The 21 Day Paleo


The Paleo Mini-Course is designed for anyone who loves delicious food who is looking to lose weight.

It's for people that want to just give their body a little reset.

It's for people looking to do it long term to keep melting fat away.

It's for anyone who needs a little extra support so they stick to it.

If this doesn't sound like you then this program IS NOT for you!

What Are People Saying About

The 21 Day Paleo Mini Course?

We've had amazing feedback from our members!

I Know What You Must Be


No way! In fact, people have been using paleo for its many health benefits since the 1920s! (9)

Not only is it used for all the benefits listed above (and MORE!), but it’s also used to minimize complications resulting from: Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer! (4,5)

​Paleo is popular for a reason, and that’s because it’s not just a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle change that literally changes you from the inside out!

Not at all! The Atkins diet is a high fat and protein and very low carb diet. Paleo focuses on healthy proteins, fats, carbs with a special emphasis on eating whole foods and not processed foods. Although many people end up eating less carbs on the paleo diet, it isn’t the main focus. The main focus is eating foods that are “friendly” to our body’s digestion and overall health.

Absolutely! I’ve had so many people who have bounced around from diet to diet to the point that they’ve almost lost hope, but once they try my program they see incredible results and fall in love with the Paleo lifestyle!

Once you get started, you’ll find yourself more well-rested, energetic, and due to the high concentration of healthy fats, you’ll stay fuller longer, which will save you time and money!

It’s time to break the cycle, here and now! If you try out the Paleo Mini-Course and stick it out to the end, I promise you’ll see the results you’re looking for!

No way! This is another common misconception. Low-carb Paleo diets have been shown to result in higher HDL or “good” cholesterol levels and lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels. (1)

When it comes to being unhealthy, it’s high carb diets that are the real culprit. Due to Paleo’s low carb content, blood sugar levels are kept steady which has been shown to decrease risk and even reverse symptoms of type 2 diabetes! (2)

I can’t put in the work for you, but I designed this program with the paleo “Beginner” in mind. Inside the Paleo 21-Day Mini-Course, you’ll find several helpful tips to help you get back on track and maintain your new healthy lifestyle if you ever slip up or hit one of those pesky plateaus.

Remember, LIFE HAPPENS. We’re all human and sometimes we slip up, and that’s totally okay!

Yes, the combination of high amounts of fat and cutting out dietary sugars will keep you satiated longer and help you conquer those pesky cravings for good. (10)

A lot of people think that staying paleo while eating out is unrealistic, but it’s actually quite simple! The Paleo Mini-Course includes some of my favorite tips and Paleo “hacks” to help you stay Paleo wherever you go!

You’ll also find several paleo snack options to keep you satisfied (and paleo) between meals!

Not at all! You’ll have to switch things up a bit as far as what types of alcohol you drink, but the Paleo Mini-Course includes a list of all the best paleo-friendly alcohol options, so you’ll know exactly what to look for!

Are You Ready To Get The Healthy Body Of Your Dreams?

One Time Charge of $197 - Lifetime Access

No Hidden Fees. No Contract.
21 Day Money Back Guarantee.

21 Day Paleo Mini-Course FAQs

The 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course is hosted in our private Facebook group. The material in the course can be downloaded from the Facebook Group.  When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the 21-Day Paleo Mini-Course Facebook Group from the email containing the access link to to the group as well as other course content. Once you click the access link, you will be taken to the Facebook Group and request access. Once your request is accepted you will able to view the content in your browser or from your phone.

By ridding the body of processed foods and sugars, your blood-sugar levels are reduced, and your good cholesterol (HDL) levels are increased. These factors, combined with the fact that fats are a much more efficient fuel source than glucose, are what give Paleo the potential to increase energy levels, keep you fuller longer, kill cravings, increase mental clarity and focus, help you shed unwanted weight, improve digestion, clear up your skin, alleviate blood sugar irregularities, and MORE!

Yes, due to the avoidance of grains that Paleo calls for, it is 100% gluten free!

The paleo friendly food list has plenty of healthy, paleo-friendly options that you can substitute for the meals in the program you may not like.

If you have type 1 diabetes, a kidney disease, or are pregnant/breast feeding, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before trying out paleo. If you don’t have a healthcare provider to offer you specific guidance. Please reach out to us at (386) 307-8207.

One Time Charge Of $197 - Lifetime Access

No Hidden Fees.
No Contract.
21 Day Money Back Guarantee.

*Please keep in mind that results may vary from person to person.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund you your money, no questions asked!


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