Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, or morning sickness? You need to see a pregnancy chiropractor! Dr. Shelly Seidenberg is a prenatal chiropractor who helps expectant mothers have a comfortable pregnancy and a healthy birth.


  • A healthy pregnancy for mom and baby
  • Shorter delivery and much less painful
  • Provides comfort for prenatal back pain
  • Relieve sciatica in pregnancy
  • Alleviates pelvic girdle pain 
  • Restores pelvic balance
  • Eliminates poor posture with proper spinal alignment
  • Relieves constipation
  • Fixes leg cramps


You will find that during your pregnancy or your loved one’s pregnancy that many physiological changes will occur. There will be changes to the hormones, bones, muscles, and nervous system. Often times these changes can bring discomfort and pain. There is no reason that these maternity pains must be endured.

Dr. Shelly, a licensed Port Orange chiropractor, can provide you with completely natural chiropractic solutions to relieve the pain associated with pregnancy. The benefits of seeing a prenatal chiropractor go beyond just providing mom with comfort. These benefits are received by the baby as well.

As a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Shelly helps her pregnant patients by using special adjustments, such as Webster Technique, which is specifically designed to keep the pelvis aligned, prevent a breech baby, and help relieve pelvic and back pain during pregnancy.


Chiropractic is an essential part of the health of mom and baby during and after pregnancy. Besides just providing relief from the pregnancy related discomfort, the main focus here is not just the pain.

When seeking prenatal chiropractic treatment you have to consider these two things:
1. The nervous system controls every part of the human body, including the development of the unborn child.
2. If the nervous system is blocked or has any interference then there will be malfunction present in the body.

Your nervous system health is one of the most important factors for the proper development of the baby. In order to have the best chance at a successful pregnancy the musculoskeletal system, which includes the  nervous system, must be in proper alignment. When it is, the chance of having problems like a miscarriage or placenta previa is drastically reduced. Of course, the most important reason for seeking chiropractic care is for the health of the baby.


Spinal Alignment

Pregnancy chiropractic adjustments or prenatal chiropractic adjustments will help to keep the mothers spine in alignment. When the mother’s nervous system is without interference all of her other systems will function smoothly. This in turn will help with the proper development of the baby by making sure that the information from the mother is being received correctly. We do this by adjusting the vertebra with specific movements that will ensure proper spinal function. Not only is this important for information but is very important for eliminating back pain as well. Back pain during pregnancy is more common than not and occurs in 50%-75% of all pregnancies. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shelly to keep your spine healthy.

Pelvic Alignment

The other area that Dr. Shelly focuses on is the Pelvis. In order for the Uterus to keep its shape the pelvic bones must stay level. If the pelvic area is out of alignment then there will be less room in the uterus causing discomfort in the abdomen as well as discomfort in the joints. This type of discomfort is caused by what is called in-utero constraint and it typically occurs during the last trimester. To avoid this condition, you should schedule regular visits with your chiropractor. In-utero constraint is also one of the causes of the “breech presentation” in the last trimester. This is where the baby is not oriented head down before labor.

Hip Alignment

Sciatica is no joke. This is described as being one of the worst pains that can occur in a person’s body due to misalignment. Sciatica occurs during pregnancy when mom’s hips are out of alignment and there is excess pressure on the sciatic nerve as well as the piriformis muscle. This side effect of pregnancy is very common and also quite unnecessary. Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout the course of pregnancy can prevent and reverse painful sciatica.


Chiropractic adjustments are not just for mom and dad. 

Chiropractic has many benefits to newborns, infants, and children of all ages. Adjustments for babies is not the same as adjustments for adjusts. A much lighter force is used to perform the adjustment.

In the majority of the case, the younger you are the faster your body responds to chiropractic care. Dr. Shelly has patients of all ages. From one week old to 70 years and older!

In Dr. Shelly’s experience, her younger patients need significantly less treatment than her older patients. However, starting chiropractic care from a young age can help set you up for success with your health for the rest of your life!


  1. Schedule an appointment with a pregnancy chiropractor (Dr. Shelly if you live in Volusia County, FL)
  2. Begin an approved exercise program to support your back and abdomen.
  3. Schedule time to rest.
  4. Purchase a support belt if you need extra low back support during your pregnancy.
  5. Get regular adjustments for yourself and your children!