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Are you interested in learning more about the costs associated with chiropractic care before you make an appointment? We can help. Read on to find out more about the different types of chiropractic treatments and their costs. Depending on your treatment and other factors, chiropractic care can actually be quite affordable.

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Below are some of the services that are a part of chiropractic care that help provide clients with a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. These services can sometimes be paid for directly and in other cases, they are a part of your total chiropractor visit cost.


MRI tests cost between $100-$400 depending on the MRI center you go to. Most chiropractors refer you to an MRI center as they do not have the tools to do it themselves. MRI scans give chiropractors a better understanding of your health, specifically your muscles and bones. MRIs are often necessary after a car accident.


Electromyography tests cost about $200. They are used to measure muscle response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. With this test, a chiropractor can see how your muscles are typically used and whether there are any neuromuscular abnormalities. 


This usually costs between $200-$500. It uses special cameras to detect blood flow and heat patterns in the human body to create a thermogram. These thermograms are body maps that indicate certain disorders or explain why you may be experiencing pain and discomfort. Our office offers thermography scans every w months through Florida Medical Thermography.


This less expensive diagnostic tool refers to different types of medical imaging including x-rays and CT scans. They are used by chiropractors to get a better idea of your musculoskeletal system to refer to as your treatment progresses. The cost ranges from $50-$150. 


These special massage tables are used by chiropractors to perform adjustments as part of a treatment plan. Each chiropractor has a different technique for performing adjustments that involve the massage and manipulation of joints. The price greatly varies per chiropractor. 


Each treatment costs between $10-$50. This treatment uses electromagnetic therapy to heat tissue in the body to help it relax. It is often used by chiropractors after an adjustment as a nice add-on that further aids a client’s progress.  


The cost of computerized adjustments can be included in overall chiropractic care costs but it depends on the chiropractor. Similar to table adjustments, computerized adjustments target joints, except this time they use a handheld digital device for better accuracy and precision.


Depending on your chiropractor, the price can range from $50-$500. This form of water therapy is given in a pool or a type of bath and can include special wraps as well. Your chiropractor may use a mixture of hot and cold water to boost circulation and provide pain relief simultaneously. 


This affordable treatment is usually an add-on and costs around $20 per session. It uses ultrasonic waves to provide pain relief and calm any muscle spasms. It is great for those with tight muscles and joints, inflammation, or poor blood circulation.


A chiropractic roller table is usually included in a chiropractor visit at no additional cost. It is similar to a regular adjustment table except this one has the ability to roll up and down the spine to massage your spine and the discs cushioning it. 


There are many different types of lasers. Depending on the type of laser utilized, treatments cost $30 to $100 per session. Chiropractors use this form of therapy for sports injuries where there is pain and massive swelling. It uses laser light therapy to target specific parts of the body to provide pain relief. 


The cost of this treatment varies depending on the chiropractor but it can be as much as $100 or as little as $20 per session. EMS puts electrical energy from a machine on the skin for muscle relief and help with swelling and pain. A TENS unit is the most common type of portable electrical muscular stimulation.



Aside from the type of treatment you decide to move forward with, chiropractic price also varies based on your chiropractor’s experience. Like other doctors and health practitioners, the more experienced they are, the higher their fees. 

To become a licensed chiropractor, you must go through extensive training. Some choose to do more than what is required and that is often reflected in the price they charge. Typically, those who charge higher not only have more training but also have a reputable history with positive patient reviews and peer recommendations. As a patient, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. It’s worth more to pay a premium for quality treatments that improve the quality of your life in the long run. 


The price of your chiropractor also depends heavily on your location. If you live in a wealthier area, fees for chiropractic care will likely be much higher. Fees may also be higher if there are only a few chiropractors in an area versus an area that has many chiropractors. The more chiropractic clinics in an area, the more competitive the pricing. 


If you have health insurance, you may be eligible to pay a lot less for chiropractic services since most insurance plans now accept it as a form of complementary medicine. Always check with a chiropractor first on whether they take your insurance. Insurance usually doesn’t cover everything so it is wise to check with your provider to make sure you understand what falls under your plan and what does not before you come in.

When using your insurance, your copay can be anywhere from $20 to $80 per visit. This may not be the most affordable way to receive treatment. For example, the self-pay fees at our office are often times less than a co-pay.

Also, keep in mind that you may not get to pick your top choice of a chiropractor if they are out-of-network. Paying out-of-pocket gives you the freedom to find the chiropractor that works best for you.


If you follow your chiropractor’s recommendations and do all the required work, you will not need as many appointments or treatments which means you will pay less overall. It also depends on your condition – whether you’re battling chronic disease and need long-term care, or you’re an athlete – you may need more consistent chiropractic care throughout your life.


There are many factors that affect the cost of chiropractic care. If you are interested in getting chiropractic treatment in Volusia County, get in touch with us today or request an appointment online, so we can provide you with more information before your first appointment.


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