Watch the below video to learn more about our Nutrition Response Testing new patient exams.


What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimal health. This technique and clinically proven system is unique and very different from other healing practices.

How does the testing work?

We are testing your body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are your body’s way of telling us how your nervous system is doing. Your nervous system’s responsibility to regulate every function in your body. Will be be able to use your body’s nervous system to test your organs, glands, joints, muscles, and any other part of you!

Energy flows exist between all parts and organs of the body. These flows can become disrupted for a variety of reasons. This disruption is easily discovered with our testing. Since we directly use the body for analysis (versus doing lab tests), it is faster and tends to be just as (if not more) accurate. There are also no huge expensive machines, no drugs, surgery, nasty needles or laboratory fees to cover.

What is the testing like?

We will ask you a series of health related questions before we test your body. The actual testing procedure is simple and direct, with the body providing all of the information feedback needed. We will use one of your muscles to test your body. This is similar to applied kinesiology muscle testing techniques. Your body will respond to the procedure reliably and consistently. This feedback is so precise that it opens the door to a safe and lasting health improvement!

The Nutrition Response Testing practitioner will do a full body scan to properly assess each of your reflexes. The practitioner will do the analysis by contacting your extended arm with one hand, and contact the specific reflex area with the other hand. If the tested reflex is stressed, your nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm (which will weaken and cause it to drop). A drop in the arm indicates underlying stress or dysfunction in that area which can be affecting your health. Once the underlying stress is corrected, this weak muscle response will no longer occur.

What happens after your initial nutrition exam?

After your nutrition evaluation, you will be given the results in a way that you can understand, with a specific nutritional program to follow. Most patients return a day or two after their initial evaluation to receive their report of findings. It is important that each and every potential nutrition patient receives two visits. This allows our practitioners adequate time to review the findings from your evaluation and design a unique care plan just for you!

Our long-term experience in a wide variety of cases tells us the first thing we must determine is whether or not you are a “Nutrition Response Testing Case.” If you are NOT a “Nutrition Response Testing Case,” then it is unlikely that Nutrition Response Testing will ever help you. However, if you ARE a “Nutrition Response Testing Case,” then in our experience, it is our belief that nothing else will help you as much.

What happens after my report of findings office visit?

Chronic health problems do not suddenly develop overnight. They develop over a long period of time (often years) with improper diet (which cause nutritional deficiencies and imbalances) and environmental influences. Therefore, the sooner and more thoroughly you implement your program, the sooner you will start to see results. While on your program, if you continue those same old habits and routines that contributed to your current condition, your body’s condition may not improve as you hope. Total commitment to your program is strongly urged.

While on your designed clinical nutrition program, we will continue to monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed when additional healing layers show up. This procedure will assist you in attaining the maximum possible health benefits and get the real underlying health issues handled.