Is Your Nervous System Blocked or Switched?

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The human body is a miraculous design. The heart beats, glads secret enzymes, and thousands of chemical reactions occur every second in obedience to the autonomic nervous system (also known as the “ANS”).

All of the functions that keep us alive occur without even the slightest conscious thought. The human body was designed as a self-healing, self-regulating organism, but when the autonomic nervous system (the command center of out bodily functions) is stressed, that’s when dysfunction and disease develop.

Within the field of nutrition, there is a specialized technique known as Nutrition Response Testing. Nutrition Response Testing practitioners are able to identify specific reasons why a patient’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) may be keeping them from healing properly.

A patient is found to be “blocked” or “switched” when their ANS is not properly regulating their body’s physiology.

Are you blocked?

Blocked regulation usually manifests itself in patients who unexplainably stop experiencing health improvement.

Essentially, when a patient is blocked, their healing comes to a halt. The ANS is blocked from regulating healthy, normal bodily functions.

You might be blocked if:

  • Your health improvement seems to have stalled or come to a plateau.
  • You’re having difficulty losing weight.
  • You’re not getting worse, but no matter what you do, you don’t seem to be getting better.

Are you switched?

Switched regulation is the term used to describe neurological confusion. When a patient’s ANS is confused (aka switched), it is as if their nervous system wires are crossed.

Switched regulation usually manifests itself in patients who have a poor response to treatment. For example, chiropractic adjustments will normally help to decrease pain and spasm in the adjusted area. However, if a patient who is switched receives an adjustment, they may instead experience worse spasms or other negative results from the treatment.

Until nervous system switching is handled, these patients will continue to experience adverse reactions to any treatments they receive or rollercoaster with their care.

You might be switched if:

  • Your health seems to “rollercoaster.”
  • You feel worse this week than last week.
  • You developed a new symptom.
  • You thought a supplement would help you, but the opposite is occurring.
  • You’re not sleeping well, you’re unexplainably irritable, or you’re having difficulty concentrating.


In order to restore the self-healing, self-regulating ability of the autonomic nervous system, a patient must be open to healing. In other words, blocked or switched regulation cannot exist in a patient who is trying to heal. Nutrition Response Testing provides a step-by-step process of identifying the root cause of health problems, so that total optimum health improvement is obtainable!

The Natural Health Practices team in Port Orange, Florida is trained in Nutrition Response Testing and is ready to help patients identify blocking and/or switching.

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